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Introducing ELSA
Your virtual pronunciation coach.

Let yourself be heard. CLEARLY.


What is ELSA?

ELSA, which stands for English Language Speech Assistant,
is a mobile application that functions as a personal coach
to help English learners around the world
speak English more correctly and confidently.

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Learning has never been this interesting.

Instant Pronunciation Feedback

ELSA is a pronunciation coach that you can talk to at anytime! ELSA gives you instant and private feedback to help you practice pronunciation regularly and effectively. ELSA’s state-of-the-art speech recognition and pronunciation analysis recognizes specific areas of improvements based on your own mother tongue.

Pronunciation Dictionary

Preparing for an interview or a public presentation? Ask ELSA to help you check all the difficult words you want to make sure you nail it well, just like a great native speaker. Remember that leaders speaking with neutral accent are perceived as more capable and more successful.

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Proven accent-free curriculum

Designed by world-class pronunciation experts and speech scientists together with our in-house analysis of thousands of hours of speech data from non-native speakers all over the world, our curriculum helps users focus on the top priorities that help them sound like native speakers. Users will improve sound accuracy, word stress and sentence intonation through engaging English conversational and business topics!

How it works

20 minutes a week with ELSA can result in 40% pronunciation score over 4 weeks

Where you might have seen us

Our blog

Helpful and fun reads on pronunciation practices
curated by ELSA team.


The people behind ELSA.

Vu Van picture

Vu Van

MBA & M.Ed @ Stanford
Co-founded a boutique mobile app outsourcing agency
8yrs experience in international ops
Engagement Manager, Booz & Co

Tu Ngo picture

Tu Ngo

BA @ Stanford
30 under 30 Forbes Vietnam,
Co-founded a multi-million dollar ed-tech company

Xavier Anguera picture

Xavier Anguera

Leading speech expert
PhD Speech Processing, 15yrs experience, 100+ research papers
Previously was a senior Speech
Scientist at Telefonica research

Joao Nuno Babtista picture

João Nuno

Applied Statistics on The Faculty of Sciences in University of Lisbon
Co-Created the Frappe Recommendation
engine used by Mozilla
Worked in Telefonica core projects.
Can hold his breath for almost 2 minutes

Khanh Nguyen picture
Growth Ninja

Khanh Nguyen

Foreign Trade University
Organizer at Grokking Engineering & BarCamp Saigon
Proud leaper in the dark

Dan Povey picture

Daniel Povey

World-leading speech recognition expert
PhD Speech Recognition (Cambridge)
Prof @ Johns Hopkins University
Creator of KALDI (leading speech open source platform)

Paul Meyer picture
Curriculum advisor

Paul Meier

World-class accent reduction coach
35+ years of experience training executives and Hollywood stars
Founder of International Dialects of English Archive


ELSA Testimonial

"Amazing technology
Amazing technology recognizes your voice and compares that with the correct way to pronounce anything. This promises to revolutionize the way languages are taught."

ELSA Testimonial

"Did not know how bad my English was until Elsa told me. I love that ELSA is fun to improve my skill quickly."

ELSA Testimonial

"Lovely, trendy and perfect partner.
This is the first time I use a mobile app that could help me practice English easily and effectively. Thank you, Elsa!"

ELSA Testimonial

"I love it!
Elsa is truly a great app. My speaking skill improve day by day after practicing with Elsa!"

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